Insight Actors Studio || Testimonials

“Beth helped me out of a jam when I had to deliver some tapes to LA while on-set in Atlanta. Not only did she graciously work around my shooting schedule, but she also provided a wonderful environment in which to tape some challenging auditions. Her technical set up is great and her salient suggestions really helped the scenes. I would highly recommend taping with Beth!” ~ Satya Bhabha (The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, NCIS, Sens8)




“I have done many self tapes at many different studios in LA and in Atlanta, and have found Beth’s studio to be the best. She has created a professional atmosphere, but also one that is warm and inviting. Since Beth is an accomplished actor in her own right, I have found her to be very insightful and she constantly helps me be more specific and nuanced in my auditions. Since she asks for the sides ahead of time, she is prepared and I believe she truly cares about the quality of my audition. I never feel that she is just phoning it in. I always leave her studio confident that I have done the best audition possible.” ~ Rebecca Tilney (The Resident, Rectify, Nashville)



My booking and callback ratios have definitely increased since Beth began taping me. Her honest, encouraging feedback helps give my characters nuance and keeps them grounded and authentic.  I highly recommend her! ~ Charles Green (Jumanji: The Next Level, A House with a Clock in Its Walls, What Men Want)





“Beth Becka makes me feel like I am better than I really am! The very first time I worked with her, I got a callback! She has a special care and genuine support, that allows the actor to feel safe, secure, and free to be. I highly recommend the experience to anyone, wanting to up their game.” ~ Maria Howell (Hidden Figures, Saints and Sinners)





“I recently found myself in Atlanta for an extended period of time for work and happily stumbled into the Insight Actors Studio to do a self-tape. The experience was effortless and the atmosphere that Beth creates helps bring out the best in every audition tape. Beth’s acting background gives her the unique ability to know exactly what you need to take your self tapes to the next level.” ~ Karan Soni (Deadpool, Ghostbusters) 




“I came to Atlanta to work on a series for a couple months and needed a place to film auditions. Beth came highly recommended and did not disappoint! She has created a warm and inviting space for actors, and is one of the most caring and professional audition coaches I’ve encountered in Atlanta. If you need coaching or audition taping, Insight Actors Studio is a great place to call home. I’m so happy I found Beth!”  ~ Sasha Compere (Miracle Workers, Gilmore Girls)




“The Insight Actors Studio is by far a top of the line acting studio. Through my on-going Meisner course, with Beth Becka, I have grown to new levels within my ability to live truthfully in any given piece of work. Beth brings a disciplined, yet uplifting approach to the world of coaching her students…Many thanks to Insight and their commitment to making actors the best versions of themselves!” ~ Jake Levin




“As a director, I decided to take an acting class to better communicate with actors and taking Rick Andosca’s class has been one of the best things that I’ve done for my career. For me, it has improved nearly every aspect of my filmmaking process. If I could give advice to any director (and actor) that wants to improve in their craft, I’d tell them to take an acting class and Rick’s is incredible.” ~ Isaac Dietz




“I love the way Beth Becka teaches. I’m enjoying this process of improving on my craft. I’m also learning so much about myself and the Meisner technique. I can already see and feel a difference in my performances.” ~ LaToya Morgan





“I’ve been training with Rick Andosca for about 2 years. After first joining his class I received a call back for a leading role in a feature film. I booked that role, and I sincerely believe it was because of the work I was able to do with Rick. And that was after only 2 months with him. Here, 2 years later, I’m a better actor and a better man. In addition, Rick has become a friend. I encourage all who want to build their craft to a professional level that will serve them their entire life to join Rick’s class.” ~ Justin Torrence




“I am so thankful that I made the decision to take classes at Insight. Beth is an amazing instructor who has gone above and beyond to help me better my craft. I have learned so much from her, and the constructive instruction I have received from her has been invaluable in helping me pursue my passions. Taking classes from Beth at Insight has been one of the best and most rewarding decisions that I have made in growing as an actor.” ~ Tori Hunter




“Rick Andosca teaches in a way that allows his students to grow and develop their craft organically. He is passionate about teaching authentic Meisner techniques and genuinely wants to see his students succeed. His wisdom can benefit actors at all stages of their career. If you are looking to seriously commit to professional training, Rick is your guy! He is one of the most compassionate and heartfelt teachers I have ever had.” ~ Shaun MacLean




“Beth is an amazing teacher and actress. The best you can get in terms of training as an actor. You can trust this lovely woman because she is very professional and I know that you will fall in love with her, as I did.” ~ Laura Moise





“Insight provides truly professional level training for any aspiring actor. All the teachers are caring and qualified.” ~ Matt Wallace





“Rick Andosca is nothing short of brilliant! I’ve been taking his Meisner class every weekend for over a year, and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic in recommending his class. Working with Rick has not only transformed me as an artist, but also as a person. He is wildly passionate about his craft, and he provides sincere feedback and support for each of his students.” ~ Jessica Claire




“Aptly named, Insight Actors Studio has progressively assisted me in discovering and trusting the allure of authenticity in the present.” ~ Robert Thomason





“I’m already in love with Meisner, and that is certainly due to Beth Becka’s teaching style, and the intimate vibe at Insight. Not only am I more present in my performances, but the technique affects my everyday life in a positive way. Very excited for the future!” ~ Kevin Sangston





“Insight has given me a great start to acting and a welcoming experience! Rick Andosca is brilliant! BRILLIANT!! He is everything I hoped for in an instructor and continues to bring a wealth of “insight” and “ah ha” moments to every class. He is 100% dedicated to his craft and combines his years of experience with a passion for teaching the truth while nurturing and encouraging actors to feel, speak, and live “their truth.” Looking forward to continuing a long relationship with Insight Actors Studio!! So happy they are here!” ~ Lisa Frank

Insight School of Acting || Testimonials
Wilmington, NC

“I came to Wilmington to work on the show Sleepy Hollow. Since I’ve been here, I have needed to put many auditions on tape to send down to LA. I’ve had nothing but fantastic experiences with Insight School of Acting; Beth has been very helpful, the studio has a warm, inviting energy, and the tapes always look great! I recommend Insight to all of my colleagues, and anyone who is looking for a place to get coaching or taping.” ~ Lyndie Greenwood (Sleepy Hollow, Nikita)



I’ve been working as a professional actor for 20 years. I’m here with my daughter, MacKenzie Lintz, who is working on Under the Dome. When we need to tape an audition, we come to ISA for professional lighting, and a great off-camera reader in the form of Beth Becka, who is a pro. We’ve had great results. Couldn’t be happier and couldn’t recommend it more. If you need a place to tape a professional audition, which can make or break whether or not you get the job, I highly recommend ISA!”~ Kelly Lintz (Meet the Millers, Drop Dead Diva)



“I’m here in Wilmington working on the television series, Under the Dome. I am from Los Angeles, so a lot of my auditions come from my agent and manager in LA and I have to put them on tape and work on them. I found Beth Becka, the founder of Insight School of Acting, and she’s been a great help to me, putting auditions on tape and getting everything to my agents.  It’s been a very easy, great working relationship. I really appreciate it.”  ~ Colin Ford (Under the Dome, We Bought a Zoo)



“The acting coaches at ISA are phenomenal! The real life experience they share with students is priceless! In-class performances are recorded and played back for reflection and dissection with the entire class. I found it so helpful to be in a group setting. Watching performances and receiving honest, constructive feedback has truly facilitated a broader scope to my acting. After training at Insight you will go on your auditions with a new confidence and perspective. Insight is such a gem to have here in Wilmington!” ~ Angela Buglisi



 “ISA is not only a school of acting, it is also a place of discovery and growth as students come to understand that the discipline and art of acting involves much more than just learning some on-camera techniques.  We are challenged and encouraged by experienced actors and professionals who share their expertise so we can be the best that we are capable of being. If you decide to enroll with ISA you won’t be “just” a student.  You will become a member of the Insight family and find a place to network, share, connect, and grow. ” ~ Lee Morest



Insight School of Acting has been thoroughly helpful and a “must” for someone like myself who was just getting into the business. Now I’m booking jobs and taking additional classes so I can keep learning. The fun continues! Since beginning classes at ISA I have been cast in a commercial for MTB Heating & Air, as the lead in a Christian film, “Broke, Not Broken,” which is currently in pre-production, and in a supporting role in “Port City Pirates” – building my resume as I seek representation. Thanks, Insight!” ~ Lindsay Austin



“Dreams of acting professionally have been in my heart since childhood. The more I pursued an acting career I realized that I needed more than just dreams.  Insight School of Acting is giving me the tools and knowledge needed to begin a successful career in this industry.  After starting classes at Insight I have signed with an agency, gained film set and audition experience, and have grown tremendously as an actor. Attending ISA is the best thing I have ever done for my career and my dream.” ~ Katie Cook